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Alexej Vorobjov

Get You

🇷🇺 Russia
Grand Final
Finished 16th
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Finished 9th
Get You
Alexej Vorobjov, RedOne, AJ Junior, Bilal "The Chef", Eric Sanicola
Alexej Vorobjov, RedOne, AJ Junior, Bilal "The Chef", Eric Sanicola
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This 23 year old Russian, actor, charismatic singer, great musician and incredible performer, is Russia’s rising star. His extraordinary skills alongside passion for music and high work ethics have brought him to the point of signing a contract with world famous music producer - RedOne - with major hits for Lady Gaga, Enrique Iglesias, Usher, JLo and many others on his repertoire. RedOne’s new star will be presented to the European audience at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, representing Russia.

Born into a large family in the city of Tula - Alexej was a child prodigy; winning every singing and dancing competition he ever entered. Though from a very poor family and required to work hard from a very young age; his parents believed in his talent and made every effort to enable Alexej’s music studies. Little Alex loved music as much as soccer, but his music career got the upper hand after winning numerous Russian and international music contests as accordionist. 

At the age of 16 Alexej graduates in music at the College of the Arts, specialising on the accordion. He follows by graduating in vocals at Gnesins Jazz College. He is also awarded the Gold Medal for singing by winning Russian Delphic Games of Art.

17 year old Alexej heads for Moscow where he adds another trophy to his collection by winning the Russian version of the X-factor. His road to fame continues when he becomes the star of MTV comedy Dreams of Alice and in 2007 he gets The MTV Russia Music Award’s Breakthrough of the Year.

After his graduation in 2008 from Moscow Jazz College, he decides to continue his studies at the famous acting school - Moscow Art Theatre (MHAT), founded by the legendary Stanislavsky.

Alexej is currently the only young Russian star that has successfully combined a singing and acting career. At the age of 23, Alexej has already starred in 14 movies and written 11 soundtracks for Russian films. 

Also providing great athletic skills, Alexej went through special stunt training and now makes his own stunts in all his movies. This includes such stunts as; jumps from the17th floor, car stunts and burning.

He is also the winner of the Russian version of Dancing With The Stars - Fire And Ice, skating and dancing together with the Olympic champion Tatyana Navka.

In December 2007 Alexej was appointed Good Will Ambassador to the United Nations and currently is responsible for all Anti-AIDS programs in Russia under jurisdiction of UNFPA. He also represents and supports Anti-AIDS programs for school children Dance For Life.

Alexej has released ten radio singles and music videos, he also released an album written and produced entirely by himself. In 2011 Alexej starts working on his new album in cooperation with RedOne and clarifies his name for the international stage - Alex Sparrow.

RedOne - the man behind Lady Gaga

Grammy-winning producer, RedOne, is one of the most successful and sought-after record producers and songwriters in popular music today. He won a Grammy for Lady Gaga's Poker Face in 2010 and was named Producer Of The Year and  Number 1 Songwriter by Billboard Magazine in 2010 and was awarded Songwriter Of The Year by BMI.

RedOne has been credited as the architect of Lady Gaga's sound and with moving the dial on radio in America and globally.

Nominated for multiple Grammys this year including Producer Of The Year and Album Of The Year; RedOne has written and produced 12 number1 singles over the past 2 years, in 30 different countries, garnering over 50 million downloads worldwide!

Along with Quincy Jones and Lionel Richie, RedOne produced the contemporary philanthropic anthem We Are The World 25 for Haiti. He continues to solidify and diversify his music career by working with different genres of music, including more Lady Gaga plus U2, Akon, Usher, Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez, Mark Anthony, Nicole Scherzinger and 3 new artists signed to RedOne's own 2101 Records label Porcelain Black, Mohombi and Alex Sparrow (Alexey Vorobyov).

RedOne also has a passion for helping others achieve their dreams.  He uses his 2101 Foundation to support and motivate young people to pursue their career and life passions through sports, music, art and philanthropy.

Lyrics of Get You

I choose my words like wise men do And tonight I'll get you right I rule my world , like great men do And i fight I fight for mine And you look so good On the floor Put my mind in a dirty zone If they watch let them watch Not losing you tonight Oh oh Im coming to get you Oh oh oh Im running im gunning for you Oh oh Im gonna get you I know u U want me to I lost my mind some where Between your face And your perfect shape Found a pleasure watching you Having fun Fooling around Coz you look so good On the floor You make me wanna leave her now If they talk Let them talk Not losing you tonight Oh oh Im coming to get you Oh oh oh Im running im gunning for you Oh oh Im gonna get you I know u U want me too Girl you blow me away I want you here with me Girl you blow me away I want you to stay If you really wanna have fun tonight Just scream Oh oh oh Oh oh Im coming to get you Oh oh oh Im running im gunning for you Oh oh Im gonna get you I know u U want me too