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Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar Sejko


🇦🇱 Albania
Second Semi-Final
Finished 15th
Eda Sejko
Bledar Sejko
On the internet
Radio Televizioni Shqiptar

Adrian Lulgjuraj and Bledar Sejko are two well-known musicians in Albania. They will bring heavy rock sounds to the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest with their entry Identitet, which is sung completely in the Albanian language.

Adrian Lulgjuraj (32) was raised in an Albanian family in Ulcinj, Montenegro. He loved Rock & Roll music since he was 13 years old. When he got his degree in law, at the age of 26, he dedicated more time to his passion – singing.

He describes himself: “I do like my job as a lawyer, but when I am on stage, I feel like a beast, a different person, a Hulk.” In 2011 he published his first track called Te mori nje det at Top Fest 8 in Albania.With his second single Evoloj he won the award as “The best male artist” in Top Fest 9. 

Adrian worked as an assistant coach in the TV show The Voice of Albania, in the 2012-13 season. During his career he has has given many concerts in Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo and FYR Macedonia.

Bledar Sejko (42) was born in Tirana, Albania. He started to sing and play guitar when he was 12 years old. It was his father who noticed his interest in guitar and thus Bledar started taking lessons at an early age. He was always attracted to rock music but in his young years, following this style was not always possible in communist Albania.

In 1987, he first took part in an international music festival, in Turkey, as a guitarist. His first performance on TV was in 1989, when he won the second prize with Qeshu Rini in the Festivali i Këngës, which still serves as the Albanian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest today. He went on to participate also in the 1992, 1993, 2005 and 2007 editions of the competition.

1990 was the most difficult year for the Albanian people, and Bledar participated in the change of system, he was part of student movement in December 1990 that brought the fall of communism in Albania. But mostly he contributed in the music scene. 1990 was the year that he created his hard rock band Megahertz. In 1997 Bledar left Albania for Italy where he lived for six years. Bledar played more with traditional Italian bands as a guitar player and singer during this period.

In 2011, he supported Aurela Gaçe as a backing artist in the Eurovision Song Contest, playing the guitar. This year, he will finally take the lead as an artist, together with Adrian Lulgjuraj.

Lyrics of Identitet

Identitet Kam ardhur nga larg Nën pluhurin e kohës gjeta ré edhe mallkim U gjenda unë shumë pranë E preka veç flakë e zjarr Unë fola veç në heshtje Desha pak jetë, lavdi Dhe kur ndava ëndrrën Gjeta një rreze dritë, pak frymë si ti (2x) I ardhur nga larg, ke etje, ke mall Kur sheh çdo gjë që ndryshon Vetë jeta ikën shkon Ti te kjo gjuhë po kërkon Eshtë vendi ku u linde, rrite, ndave trimërinë, E fale dashurinë ndër vite, Vrapove ti gjete lirinë (2x) Na rriti kjo tokë Do flasim ne veç një gjuhë Kështu s’do ketë me lot Do gjendesh kudo nëpër botë I huaj më s’do jesh Le të jete fillimi ri Ne bashkë në vëllazëri Se kur ndava ëndrrën Gjeta një rreze dritë, pak frymë si ti Vrapove ti gjete lirinë Një rreze dritë pak frymë si ti Vrapove ti gjete lirinë Një rreze dritë pak frymë si ti Vrapove ti gjete lirinë (2x)
Identity I came from far away Under the dust of time I found clouds and curse I was standing too close I touched only flame and fire I spoke only in silence I wanted some life, glory And when I shared the dream I found a ray of light ... a little breath like you ... (two times) Coming from far away You’re thirsty, you’re craving When you see everything changes Life itself going by You’re searching in this language It’s the place where you were born and raise You shared bravery And you gave love through years You ran... found freedom ... (two times) We were raised by this land We’ll speak in one language So there will be no more tears You’ll be found anywhere around the world You won’t be a stranger any more Let it be a new beginning We together in brotherhood When I shared the dream, I found a ray of light ... a little breathes like you ... You ran... found freedom... A ray of light ... a little breathes like you... You ran... found freedom...