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Can I get access to the Eurovision Song Contest physical archive for the purpose of a thesis?

The Eurovision Song Contest physical archive is safely stored at the EBU's headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. In principle, the archive is not open to the public. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis and are at the EBU's sole discretion.

When will the Eurovision Asia Song Contest take place?

Work on the inaugural Eurovision Asia Song Contest is still ongoing and the EBU is working closely with the organisers to help them bring it to fruition. The Contest is still in the development stage and it is too early to confirm specific details such as dates and venues, although we are very excited at the progress being made.

Once we have more practical information, we will make an announcement through the official Eurovision and Eurovision Asia channels.

When will the American Song Contest take place?

The American Song Contest is anticipated to take place later in 2021.

The American version of the Eurovision Song Contest will, as it is currently conceived, position the artists head to head against other states’ representatives in a series of 5-10 televised Qualifier Competitions, leading to Semi-Finals and the ultimate primetime Grand Final.

More details will be released over the coming months.

Did the voting change for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019?

No, the actual voting did not change. However, there was a change in the presentation of the votes. The order in which the televoting results were revealed were determined by the ranking of the jury result. The announcement of the televoting results now starts with the country receiving the fewest points from the juries and ends with the country that received the highest points from the juries. The presenters then announce the total number of televotes received for each song across all participating countries. Read more about voting.

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