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Information on the accreditation application procedure can be found on the accreditation page.

This page contains details of what accredited media can access on site, timings for rehearsals, social programme, access to the Euroclub for media and other info. Please scroll all the way down to see if your question can be answered here. It will be updated regularly.

You can find loads of helpful information in the 2024 Media Handbook.

Reporting and Access Rules for Non-Rights Holders should be read and understood before filming or publishing content from the venues. 


Accredited media can collect their badges EVERY DAY between Friday May 3 and Saturday May 11 at this address next to the Arena: 

At the entrance to Malmömässan (access only via Hyllie Boulevard) Opening Hours:  0700 – 1900

For further questions on the Accreditation Centre itself please e-mail: [email protected] 

Please note there is no parking for media onsite but there is paid parking available at the Emporia Shopping Centre.
You can travel anywhere in Malmö on public transport for free using your accreditation badge. Please note this does not apply to travel between Copenhagen and Malmö.

There is no central hotel booking platform this year so accredited media should find accommodation on the usual sites. 


The Media Centre in Malmö will be open on Saturday 4 May and then again from Monday 6 May until the early hours of Sunday 12 May but will be closed on Sunday 5 May.


Saturday 4 May 11.00 - 17.00
Sunday 5 MayCLOSED
Monday 6 May10.00 - 01.00
Tuesday 7 May 12.00 - 01.30
Wednesday 8 May12.00 - 00.00
Thursday 9 May 12.00 - 01.30
Friday 10 May 11.00 - 02.00
Saturday 12 May12.00 - 02.45

The Media Centre will contain a lounge area, a working area with access to desks, screens showing Dress Rehearsals and Live Shows, fast wi-fi connection, power sources and printers as well as shared interview rooms and radio studios (bookable onsite).

There will also be access to food and drink facilities.


The Online Media Centre is available to ALL accredited journalists and allows you to view all Dress Rehearsals, Media Conferences and Live Shows from your computer. Please note no materials other than those made available for download may be removed from the Online Media Centre. Failure to observe these restrictions will result in access and accreditation being revoked. 


A list of Heads of Media for all participating countries can be obtained by emailing [email protected] 

Interviews with those working on the production for SVT can be requested at [email protected]

Interview requests, or requests for more information about events happening outside the arena around the City of Malmö, can be addressed to [email protected]

Please contact [email protected] for questions about the ABBA World exhibition.

All other requests for interviews can be made via [email protected]


Media representatives will not be able to view or access any individual artist rehearsals taking place between Saturday 27 April and Saturday 4 May. 

This is to allow all artists to rehearse in private and the production to perfect each performance before it is seen in full when dress rehearsals begin on Monday 8 May. Excerpts from first rehearsals will be shared on TikTok and second rehearsals on the event's official digital platforms. Some participating broadcasters will also share highlights on their digital channels.

Media representatives will be able to go inside the arena during the first Dress Rehearsal of each Live Show on:

Monday 6 May - 15:45
Wednesday 8 May - 15:45  
Friday 10 May - 13:30 

These rehearsals will also be viewable in the Media Centre and the Online Media Centre. Other Dress Rehearsals will have an audience and a valid ticket will be required to enter the arena.

A limited number of agency photographers will be able to access the Live Shows (on Tuesday 7, Thursday 9 and Saturday 11 May) inside the arena by request, but all other accredited media will need to be in possession of a valid ticket to do so.


Please consult the ESC Reporting Access Rules for more information on what and where you can film and share from the venue and the Live Shows.


Media Conferences, including those with the qualifiers from each Semi-Final and the winner of the Grand Final, will take place onsite during the second week of Dress Rehearsals and Live Shows. 

There will be no individual artist Media Conferences onsite during the Live Shows week.

Requests for interviews with individual artists can be sent directly to the Head of Media for each participating country. To obtain a full list of contacts click here.

For further details and timings see the Media Handbook when available.


Eurovision News Events will be offering TV & Radio broadcast facilities inside the Arena from Sunday 5 until Saturday 11 May with stand-up positions overlooking centre stage and from within the Delegation Bubble.

Fully-equipped radio studios are also available. 

Media accreditation is required to access the Media Centre and our live positions. However, access to live positions will be granted with a temporary pass with a confirmed booking for non-accredited guests or reporters. 

Video highlights of the Semi-Finals and Grand Final are available via our partners at Eurovision Services, SA. More information about receiving this video content can be found here.

Facilities: Stand-up positions, customized solutions, workspaces (on request)

Radio facilities: Fully-equipped studios, workspaces (on request)

For EBU members, please visit our News Exchange Outlook for more information on exclusive EVN coverage throughout the event, from the Turquoise carpet to the Grand Final. 

More information on the content and usage restrictions can be found on this webpage.

For more information, please contact: 

Eurovision News Events +41 22 717 28 40 [email protected]


Only participating countries' official national flags and Rainbow/Pride flags, max 1m x 0,5 m are permitted (flag sticks regardless of length not permitted)

  • Alcohol
  • Animals or pets.
  • Bicycles, scooters, etc. (means of transport or sports aids and equipment)
  • Clothing or items with the likely purpose of engaging in ambush marketing. 
  • Drugs or narcotic substances.
  • Explosives, smoke or pyrotechnics.
  • Gas and flammable substances.
  • Glass bottles or containers.
  • Items for sale or distribution.
  • Knives and other items with edged blades.
  • Large batteries other than for operational use (e.g batteries for any vehicles prohibited).
  • Large private luggage other than needed for operational reasons.
  • Prams/baby carriers or similar.
  • Restricted frequency transmitting or receiving equipment.
  • Sticks, rods, flag sticks.
  • Weapons (stabbing, cutting, shooting, etc. or replicas.)
  • Wireless or remote controlled equipment (Mobile phones and bluetooth earphones excluded)
  • Any item that is illegal to carry or possess under Swedish Law.
  • Any other items at the discretion of the Venue which is likely to have an adverse effect on the successful delivery of the ESC.
    * Please note that the ESC management reserves the right to adjust and supplement the above list when deemed necessary.


Details on social events for media can be found and booked here


For filming opportunities around the host city please email: [email protected] 


The EuroClub is open between Saturday 4 and Friday 10 May at Malmö Live.

Club hours: Every day between 22.00 and 05.00 except Tuesday and Thursday when it opens from 23.00 until 05.00.

Scanning of tickets until 02.00. To enter the club, you have to have a ticket and the correct accreditation.

Tickets are available from 16 April at 10.00 CEST until they are sold out or at the latest on 3 May at 10.00 CEST.

Media bookings are to be made individually. Tickets are available on a first-come first-served basis with limited availability. 

We politely request that media does not book for more than three nights so that others have the opportunity to visit the EuroClub. A no-show will lead to unused tickets and blocking others from entering EuroClub.

A confirmation email and your ticket will be sent from the ticketing system.

Link to website:


All accredited media representatives are strictly prohibited from recording and/or transmitting and/or making available (on any media, including, without limitation, the Internet, social media and mobile devices such as mobile telephones and computers) any images or sounds from Dress Rehearsals and the Live Shows (including any such images or sounds from any of the screens on the ESC's premises) from the Media Centre or any other area in the Venue, whether directly or incidentally.

For sake of clarity, accredited media representatives are also prohibited from:

  • live streaming any video/audio content including any images or sounds from Rehearsals and the Live Shows (including any such images or sounds from any of the screens on the ESC's premises) whether directly or incidentally to video/audio online platforms (including but not limited to on your own websites, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, etc.) during times when Dress Rehearsals or the Live Show are in progress;
  • publishing afterwards any such video/audio content, deliberately or inadvertently, containing content from the Dress Rehearsals and Live Shows that may have been recorded in the Media Centre Working Area or any other area in the Venue without prior written permission from the EBU;
  • directly monetizing any content related to your attendance at the Event, whether in the Media Centre or in any other part on the Venue at any time, via instant revenue streaming features such as YouTube’s Super Thanks, Tiktok’s LIVE Gifts, etc.

Those found to be breaching the above rules will have their accreditation and access to the Media Centre removed. 


Please contact [email protected] should you wish to enquire about filming in the Eurovision Village

Page Updated 4 May 2024