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Journalists, creators and representatives from fan community media outlets can apply to be accredited for the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2024 from Monday 4 March at 12.00 CET

Please note: All fan community media applications need to be submitted before Monday 18 March at 17.00 CET


Professional journalists, creators, and those working exclusively for traditional media outlets at the event, can apply in the M category. You will be asked to upload supporting evidence of your role (a copy of a national or international media card or proof of employment by your respective organization) in order to complete your application. 

Those working for media solely dedicated to coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest (fan community media) can apply in the FM category.  

In both categories you will be asked to give details of the reach of your publication, and any associated social media platforms, and details of your planned coverage of the event in order to complete your application.  

You will need to upload a copy of your National ID or Passport to complete your application. (Please note: driving licences cannot be used)

Representatives from both traditional and fan community media will also be able to apply for Online-Only accreditation to enable remote coverage.  

In all cases, when approving applications, priority will be given to representatives from outlets with the highest reach.  

Should there be multiple applications from the same media outlet, again, reach will be considered when allocating the number of accreditations for an individual outlet.  

If you are working for 

  • National; 
  • Regional or; 
  • a local media outlet  

in a participating country your application will be reviewed by the Head of Media for the broadcaster from that country.

 If you are working for  

  • a media outlet with an international audience
  • a media outlet based in a non-participating country  
  • any fan community media outlet or; 
  • are a content creator on a social media platform  

your application will be reviewed by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU)’s Communications Team.  

Accreditation Handbook 

Please familiarize yourself with the rules and terms and conditions of accreditation for the Eurovision Song Contest before completing your application. 

Entering Sweden 

For up-to-date information on how to prepare for your trip to Sweden please regularly consult the Visit Sweden website


If you need a visa to enter Sweden, please follow the normal procedure.  


The Media Centre in Malmö will be open on Saturday 4 May and then again from Monday 6 May until the early hours of Sunday 12 May but will be closed on Sunday 6 May.

Precise opening hours will be published at a later date. 

The Media Centre will contain two areas, one reserved for representatives from traditional media and social media content creators (M) and one for representatives of fan community media (FM). 

Both areas will have access to desks, screens showing Dress Rehearsals and Live Shows, fast wi-fi connection, power sources and printers as well as interview rooms and radio studios (bookable onsite)

There will be access to food and drink facilities on site.


An Online Media Centre - where Dress Rehearsals and Media Conferences can be viewed - will be available for those who wish to apply to cover the event remotely as well as those on-site. 


Media representatives will not be able to view or access any individual artist rehearsals taking place between Saturday 28 April and Saturday 4 May either at the arena or in the Online Media Centre. 

This is to allow all artists to rehearse in private and the production to perfect each performance before it is seen in full when dress rehearsals begin on Monday 6 May. 

Excerpts from these rehearsals will be shared on the official ESC, and some participating broadcasters’, digital channels. 

Media representatives will be able to access the first Dress Rehearsal inside the arena for each Live Show (on Monday 6, Wednesday 8 and Friday 10 May). These rehearsals will also be viewable in the Media Centre and the Online Media Centre. Other Dress Rehearsals will have an audience and a valid ticket will be required to enter the arena. 

A limited number of agency photographers will be able to access the Live Shows (on Tuesday 7, Thursday 9 and Saturday 11 May) inside the arena by request but all other accredited media will need to be in possession of a valid ticket to do so. 


All accredited media representatives are strictly prohibited from recording and/or transmitting and/or making available (on any media, including, without limitation, the Internet, social media and mobile devices such as mobile telephones and computers) any images or sounds from Dress Rehearsals and the Live Shows (including any such images or sounds from any of the screens on the ESC's premises) from the Media Centre or any other area in the Venue, whether directly or incidentally. 

For sake of clarity, accredited media representatives are also prohibited from: 

  • live streaming any video/audio content including any images or sounds from Rehearsals and the Live Shows (including any such images or sounds from any of the screens on the ESC's premises) whether directly or incidentally to video/audio online platforms (including but not limited to on your own websites, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, etc.) during times when Dress Rehearsals or the Live Show are in progress; 
  • publishing afterwards any such video/audio content, deliberately or inadvertently, containing content from the Dress Rehearsals and Live Shows that may have been recorded in the Media Centre Working Area or any other area in the Venue without prior written permission from the EBU; 
  • directly monetizing any content related to your attendance at the Event, whether in the Media Centre or in any other part on the Venue at any time, via instant revenue streaming features such as YouTube’s Super Thanks, Tiktok’s LIVE Gifts, etc. 

Those found to be breaching the above rules will have their accreditation and access to the Media Centre removed.  

Please consult the ESC Reporting Access Rules, which will be published closer to the event, regarding the publication of any other content from any Dress Rehearsals obtained in front of the stage. 


Page Updated 1 March 2024