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How to apply

Accreditation window

You can apply for accreditation for the Eurovision Song Contest up until the day of the Grand Final on May 22 2021.

Please note: press accreditation cannot be picked up from the accreditation centre before Thursday 6 May.

Even if you were granted accreditation in 2020 you must submit a new application for 2021’s Contest.

Register or log in

  • Create a new user account or log in via Accredion

  • Choose Eurovision Song Contest

  • Select Rotterdam 2021

  • Click My application in the menu on the left

Health and Safety Protocol

Please make yourself aware of the strict health and safety protocol you must follow if you are accredited to the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

Accreditation Centre

Opening hours (subject to change)
The Accreditation Centre at Ahoy Rotterdam is open at the following dates and times.

  • 6 May until 21 May: 06:00 - 21:00 (16 May: 9:00 - 17:00)

  • 22 May: 06:00 - 02:00

  • 23 May: 06:00 - 21:00

This schedule will be updated regularly and is subject to changes.


Accredited press are invited to use Preferred Hotel Reservations, the agency appointed by Rotterdam Ahoy and the Host City to handle hotel bookings. Official hotels are offered through their online portal.

Which group should I apply in?

If you, or your media outlet, are legally based in one of the participating countries, you should apply in that particular group.

Those working for international fan community media (in English), news agencies or outlets aimed at an international audience (including photographers and camera operators) should apply in the International group.

Fan community media which publishes in a national language other than English and/or is aimed at a specific nation should apply in the relevant group/country of their target audience.

If you wish to cover the event remotely only please apply for Online Press Accreditation.

Online Press Centre

This year, in response to the global pandemic, an Online Press Centre will also be available for the first time to enable coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest from your own country.

The online platform will provide access to press conferences and rehearsals as well as the opportunity for interaction with the artists taking part.

ALL journalists accredited to the Eurovision Song Contest will be able to access the Online Press Centre, including those physically attending the event.

On-site Press Centre

The Press Centre is open from Saturday 8 May until the early hours of Sunday 23 May in Scenario B.

Accreditation Handbook

Please familiarize yourself with the rules and terms and conditions of accreditation for the Eurovision Song Contest before completing your application.

Press Categories

If your application is successful you will be allocated press accreditation in one of 5 categories:

P 1 - FAN COMMUNITY MEDIA (outlets solely dedicated to coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest)
P 2 - REGIONAL & LOCAL MEDIA (outlets that serve communities in a specific part of a participating country)
P 3 - NATIONAL MEDIA (outlets that serve the entirety of a participating country)
P 4 - INTERNATIONAL MEDIA (outlets with a global reach and/or from a non-participating country)

Those with accreditations P 1 - 4 will be able to access the event onsite in Rotterdam and the Online Press Centre

P 5 accreditation gives you offsite access to the Online Press Centre only.

Those who apply to attend the event in person might be granted P 5 accreditation to enable them to cover the event as, due to the need to follow social distancing guidelines, the capacity for an onsite Press Centre in Rotterdam is limited.

This year we can only welcome a maximum of 500 journalists on site in Scenario B.

A further 1000 journalists can be accommodated in the Online Press Centre.

Should we move to Scenario C all those with P1 to 5 accreditation will be able to cover the Contest using the Online Press Centre only.

Entering the Netherlands

Despite the travel ban currently in place for NON-EU/EEA citizens, ALL journalists accredited to the Eurovision Song Contest will be able to enter the Netherlands for the event so long as they meet governmental entry requirements.

To enter the Netherlands you will need to:

  • Fulfil any Government of the Netherlands conditions of entry. The latest information on testing requirements to enter the Netherlands can be found here. Please check requirements regularly.

  • Present a return ticket on arrival.

  • Present an accreditation pickup voucher that is available to download via the Accredion dashboard.

It is your responsibility to inform yourself of any additional requirements imposed by your local authorities and travel operators (such as a health declaration, negative COVID-19 tests, etc).

Quarantine is not currently required for journalists travelling to work at the Eurovision Song Contest on the condition that you do not show any COVID-19 symptoms on arrival. This is correct as of 3 May 2021.

Negative COVID-19 test results and declaration required
The latest information on testing requirements to enter the Netherlands can be found here.

Preparing for your trip
For up to date information on how to prepare for your trip to the Netherlands please regularly consult the Dutch government website.

If you need a visa to enter the Netherlands follow the normal procedure. Note that embassy procedures could take longer than usual due to the pandemic.

To obtain a letter of invitation please contact Claudia van der Pas ([email protected]).

Privacy Notice


Terms and Conditions

Please click here to read the Terms and Conditions concerning Accreditation at the Eurovision Song Contest.


  • For technical support using the Accredion platform (e.g. you are unable to upload a photo), please contact [email protected]

  • For all other questions (e.g. if you need to make changes to your application), please contact [email protected]

The EBU's Terms and Conditions are applicable to, and binding upon, all individuals submitting an application for accreditation to the Eurovision Song Contest and/or all individuals accredited to the Eurovision Song Contest and/or are given an Accreditation Card (including any holders of TLA).

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