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Journalists may use pictures published on for editorial purposes only and with the credit EBU/Photographer Name unless otherwise indicated.

Find all photo galleries here.

For photos from Eurovision Song Contests before 2009 please contact the respective host broadcaster for the year in question.

Archive Requests

To use footage from the Eurovision Song Contest in news programmes, documentaries or otherwise please click here to find the broadcasting rights guidelines, terms of use and contact details.

To clear footage rights from Eurovision Song Contests held between 2004 and 2020 please contact Gert Kark: [email protected]

For requests related to content from before 2004 please contact the Host Broadcaster of that year as the EBU does not hold the rights to it. (eg. for 1974, the rights are held by the BBC in the UK; for 1989, contact SSR SRG in Switzerland etc).

Online video usage

Online media are welcome to embed videos from the official YouTube channel of the Eurovision Song Contest for editorial use when reporting on the Eurovision Song Contest only.

Copying the footage for re-use on YouTube and/or on other platforms is strictly prohibited.

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