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Live Blog: Thursday 5 May

Welcome to the Live Blog for Thursday 5 May (Day 6).

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05 May 2022 at 16:09 CEST
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🇫🇷 France take to the stage…

France have a standing stone podium with some greenery that’s very much in keeping with the general Breton/arena theme. The mix of dance and folk and traditional instruments in this song really works, and the matching black and gold costumes and vocal harmonies bring it all together in a way that makes it feel really cohesive, like Alvan and Ahez have always been a group of four.

It’s also the most bass we’ve had on any track this year, and it’s pulsing through the PalaOlimpico. The acoustics in here are amazing, and you can really FEEL this song through the floor. Even the plants in the green room are jumping.