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Live Blog: Day 6
Live Blog
Live Blog: Day 6

Live Blog: Thursday 13 May

Welcome to the Live Blog for Thursday 13 May (Day 6).

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13 May 2021 at 16:01 CEST
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Italy takes to the stage...

You don't have to love rock music to see what a class act Måneskin are. The staging features red graphics with silhouettes of the band members, and rows of red lights on the raised plinth that are now burned onto our eyeballs. In fact Måneskin seem to be using every lighting rig in the arena - it's quite the spectacle.

Also, our first entirely shirtless performance of the year! Thanks Damiano, we are LOVING the silver trousers. Silver is very much a costume theme of 2021, and Måneskin is definitely on board.