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Live Blog: Sunday 30 April

Welcome to the Live Blog for Sunday 30 April (Day 1).

The Liverpool 2023 stage : Photo: Nick Robinson / BBC

🇷🇸 Serbia takes to the stage…

Samo Mi Se Spava is a indie/techno number sung/whispered in a mix of English and Serbian – the title translates as ‘I just wanna sleep’. Right now we’re fine, Luke, but in a week we’re going to feel this song in our very tired bones. 

Staging-wise, Luke has brought the huge bed* prop from the Serbian National Finals, along with four masked dancers trailing long hoses - we've heard a rumour that smoke is going to come out of those, so we'll update when we see the pyro rehearsal. With the pulsing bass and video game graphics, the whole thing is dark and surreal and hypnotic - definitely a performance viewers won't forget.  

*Oyster shell? Giant leaf? Flower? Abstract art? We’re not sure, but it looks comfortable.