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Live Blog: Sunday 30 April

Welcome to the Live Blog for Sunday 30 April (Day 1).

The Liverpool 2023 stage : Photo: Nick Robinson / BBC

🇱🇻 Latvia takes to the stage…

This performance uses the same style of atmospheric/sudden lighting as we saw at Supernova – it’s exactly the kind of track that lends itself to a big arena stage. Also lead singer Andrejs Reinis Zitmanis’ melancholy lyrics sound great - there's a lovely moment of quiet stillness at the end that's giving us ALL the feels. 

🧳 Luggage news! We've had an update from the band on the whole missing suitcase situation: "We don't have our costumes... the airline lost our luggage... but we heard they're coming today so it will be fine. First rehearsals are with the clothes we're wearing now so we'll be rocking with them."  Honestly? If they hadn't told us we wouldn't have noticed. They looked and sounded just fine to us.