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Live Blog: First Semi-Final 2021

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Montaigne - Live On Tape recording - Australia - 2021 : Photo: Jess Gleeson

Australia takes to the (virtual) stage...

Sadly Montaigne from Australia couldn’t be in Rotterdam, but she’s definitely still here in spirit. Her performance was recorded earlier as a ‘live on tape’, and if you’re not sure what that means, you can find out here. Technically this is the first Eurovision Song Contest that takes place on Australian soil, so Montaigne should consider herself a trailblazer.

Lighting plays a big part in this year’s contest, the lighting rig in Rotterdam Ahoy is the biggest ever at Eurovision. It’s hard not to imagine what a huge technicolour disco Montaigne would have created if she’d had access to the big stage, but this performance still looks pretty impressive.

Montaigne - Live On Tape recording - Australia - 2021 Jess Gleeson