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Live Blog: Eurovision Song Contest 2022 - Grand Final

Tonight we’re covering the Grand Final and Winner’s Press Conference.
Live from 18:30 – 02:30(ish) CEST.

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Live Blog
14 May 2022 at 22:01 CEST

Chanel's bringing the party...

Are you ready for Spain? Probably not, but we’re going in anyway. Chanel’s here with her all-singing, all-dancing booty hypnotic routine Slo-mo, and it’s going to make you want to spend all summer drinking sangria in the sun. These moves are coming to a club near you, whether you like it or not. And let’s face it, what’s not to like?

Also FUN FACT: Chanel’s choreographer (who also does choreography for the likes of J-Lo and Justin Bieber) asked if he could get involved after watching Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. Love it.

Spain’s Chanel at the Second Semi-Final at the Second Semi-Final EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett