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Live Blog: Eurovision Song Contest 2022 - Grand Final

Tonight we’re covering the Grand Final and Winner’s Press Conference.

Live from 18:30 – 02:30(ish) CEST.

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Live Blog

France is taking us down to the forest...

It’s our first Big 5 performance of the night, from France’s Alvan & Ahez. It’s a mix of traditional folk and techno, sung entirely in Breton with a thumping bassline that makes the whole arena vibrate. It also means that for the first time in Eurovison history there is no French language at all in any of this year’s entries – not so much as a cheeky Je Me Casse.

Bonus points for the wink at the end – he did this to one of our team outside the loos the other day and she took HOURS to recover (Me. It was me.)

France’s Alvan & Ahez performing at the first semi final EBU / Corinne Cumming