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Live Blog: Monday 10 May

Welcome to the Live Blog for Monday 10 May (Day 3).

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10 May 2021 at 10:21 CEST

San Marino takes to the stage...

Where to start with San Marino? It’s SO much fun, featuring Senhit in black harem pants, a furry jacket and a huge elaborate headdress, alongside some incredibly well-dressed alien backing dancers in red sparkly boots.

Today’s rap interlude featured a different rapper, but the graphics definitely read Flo Rida so it’s reasonable to assume he may be joining us in Rotterdam next week. We’ll keep you posted, but in the meantime that is going to kick off the second Semi-Final with a BANG.

Senhit, San Marino, Backstage, Rotterdam Ahoy, 10 May 2021 EBU / Thomas Hanses