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Live Blog: Monday 10 May

Welcome to the Live Blog for Monday 10 May (Day 3).

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10 May 2021 at 15:21 CEST

Moldova takes to the stage...

It's our first minimalist outfit of the day, this time in very sparkly silver sequins. No shirts for Natalia's dancers either, we hope they're not getting cold.

This is the first performance we've seen that feels a long way from the official video - no pink, no polka-dots, no giant candy props - everything has been polished to a high gloss. Natalia is a great dancer, and the revolving stage is a nice touch too, although the backdrop graphics are (confusingly) almost identical to Rafal's from Poland. We sense there may be pyro incoming, but obviously we'll keep you informed.

Natalia Gordienko, Moldova, Backstage, Rotterdam Ahoy, 10 May 2021 EBU / Thomas Hanses