Eurovision fans 2019
Eurovision fans 2019 Photo: Andres Putting

The Eurovision Song Contest has a proud following of millions of fans around the world. Check out how you can join the fan community, whether you're with us online or coming to the event itself.

Eurovision Village

The Eurovision Village is the official fan zone of the Eurovision Song Contest, access is free of charge and offers fans the opportunity to see their favourite acts perform live ahead of the Eurovision Song Contest.

During the live shows, fans are invited to watch the shows on big screens at the Eurovision Village.


The EuroClub is the official party venue for accredited Eurovision Song Contest delegates, press and fans. It is the place to be to have fun and unwind after a long workday.

Note that EuroClub access is restricted to accreditated individuals only, in the categories D, P and F and is not open to the public. It is obligatory to carry your accreditation badge when visiting the EuroClub.

Fan-hosted events

Dozens of fan events take place around the world every year, to celebrate the Eurovision Song Contest. The most popular fan event, which is officially endorsed by the EBU, is Eurovision in Concert, which traditionally takes place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in April.

Independent fan clubs

The Organisation Générale des Amateurs de l'Eurovision (OGAE) is the largest organisation of Eurovision Song Contest fans with more than 40 national branches. It's first branch was founded in 1984 in Finland. OGAE International and its national branches organise a wide range of activities to promote and celebrate the Eurovision Song Contest. Numerous Participating Broadcasters work closely with their respective national OGAE branche in the preparations for and promotion of the Eurovision Song Contest.

As member of OGAE, it is possible to apply for fan ticket packages to the shows as well.

INFE, the International Network of Fans of Eurovision, was founded more recently, has branches in over 25 countries and updates their members online and through its regional fan communities about all the latest news regarding the Eurovision Song Contest.

OGAE and INFE operate autonomously from the organisers of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Independent fan websites and blogs

Since the late nineties, fans of the Eurovision Song Contest established countless websites and blogs, some of which have built up a large following over the years.

Fans at the contest

Fans can buy tickets to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2 ways; via the official ticket partner and via OGAE. As member of OGAE it is possible to apply for fan ticket packages that give access to all shows. Fan packages usually give access to the floor, right in front of the stage.

As die-hard fan you also have the possibility to apply for a fan accreditation (F). Each participating country awards, at the broadcaster's sole discretion, 10 fan accreditations. In addition, the EBU also awards at least 10 fan accreditations to fans from non-participating countries. A fan accreditation usually gives access to the second round of rehearsals, the first Dress Rehearsal of each show, the fan zone at the venue and the EuroClub.

Be advised that a fan accreditation does not provide access to the live shows.

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