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Fan Community Media Arrangements for 2022

Fan Community Media Arrangements 2022 – Thursday 17 March 2022

The Eurovision Song Contest presents a unique set of international challenges that need to be solved with the cooperation of our Members and stakeholders in an ever-tightening timeframe. It’s complex at the best of times, and even more so when placed in the context of unprecedented global events far beyond our control.

We are still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, and the health and safety of our staff, artists, delegations, fans, and press, will always remain our priority, even when it leads to limitations on some aspects of the Contest enjoyed in previous years.

The capacity of the Onsite Press Centre remains the same as 2021, but the number of Fan Community Media applications has increased by over 400%.

When granting accreditation, difficult decisions were made to ensure that the accredited Fan Community Media represents a cross-section of the diverse and committed talent pool we’ve come to expect at the event.

As a result, we have accredited over 140 fan community media outlets for Turin 2022, which publish content in Spanish, Polish, Bulgarian, Croatian, Greek, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Portuguese and multiple other languages, prioritising on-site access to those making both accessible and high-quality video and audio content.

It’s worth noting that the EBU gives more access to fan community media than any other major international event.

When granting accreditation we always try to strike a fair balance and, as Contest fans ourselves, we are always conscious that someone, somewhere, will end up disappointed - which is why we have improved the Online Press Centre for this year and intend to refine the 2023 accreditation application process over the summer.

The Eurovision Song Contest is more popular than ever and that means more and more journalists, from traditional media as well as fan community media, want to attend the event.

We have an obligation to ensure that all participating broadcasters and the Host Broadcaster, have an equitable number of press accreditations to issue to priority media in their own countries which, again, restricts the number of accreditations to those in the International Delegation.

The EBU is committed to ensuring this much-loved event is covered by as many media outlets as possible to reach the highest number of people across the world.

We remain an inclusive event that appreciates and cherishes the love expressed by the millions of global fans and especially those who dedicate themselves to publishing content throughout the year in fan community media.

We very much hope you understand the reasons behind some of the difficult decisions we have had to take and that you appreciate our commitment to informing you as early as possible about access to the event in order that you can plan for your coverage in May.