Måns Zelmerlöw Måns Zelmerlöw Heroes
365 points 1st
Polina Gagarina Polina Gagarina A Million Voices
303 points 2nd
Il Volo Il Volo Grande Amore
292 points 3rd
Loïc Nottet Loïc Nottet Rhythm Inside
217 points 4th
Guy Sebastian Guy Sebastian Tonight Again
196 points 5th
Aminata Aminata Love Injected
186 points 6th
Elina Born & Stig Rästa Elina Born & Stig Rästa Goodbye To Yesterday
106 points 7th
Mørland & Debrah Scarlett Mørland & Debrah Scarlett A Monster Like Me
102 points 8th
Nadav Guedj Nadav Guedj Golden Boy
97 points 9th
Bojana Stamenov Bojana Stamenov Beauty Never Lies
53 points 10th
Nina Sublatti Nina Sublatti Warrior
51 points 11th
Elnur Huseynov Elnur Huseynov Hour Of The Wolf
49 points 12th
Knez Knez Adio
44 points 13th
Maraaya Maraaya Here For You
39 points 14th
Voltaj Voltaj De La Capat/ All Over Again
35 points 15th
Genealogy Genealogy Face The Shadow
34 points 16th
Elhaida Dani Elhaida Dani I'm Alive
34 points 17th
Maria Elena Kyriakou Maria Elena Kyriakou One Last Breath
23 points 19th
Boggie Boggie Wars For Nothing
19 points 20th
Edurne Edurne Amanecer
15 points 21st
John Karayiannis John Karayiannis One Thing I Should Have Done
11 points 22nd
Monika Kuszyńska Monika Kuszyńska In The Name Of Love
10 points 23rd
Electro Velvet Electro Velvet Still In Love With You
5 points 24th
Lisa Angell Lisa Angell N'oubliez Pas
4 points 25th
The Makemakes The Makemakes I Am Yours
Ann Sophie Ann Sophie Black Smoke