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After Udo Jürgens' victory in 1966, Vienna, Austria's capital, was chosen to host the Eurovision Song Contest in 1967.


The 1967 Eurovision Song Contest took place at the Großer Festsaal der Wiener Hofburg in Vienna. The number of participants went down from 18 to 17 because Denmark chose to withdraw from the contest and would not come back to the contest until 1978. The contest had a very glamorous setting: the stage included three revolving mirrors and a staircase entrance in the middle. The juries had undergone a change as well, as half of the jurors in every national jury had to be less than 30 years old.

During the voting the presenter of the show, Erika Vaal, declare the United Kingdom winner of the song contest before the last jury's votes were cast. However, the confusion about the voting would not make any difference: the United Kingdom clearly won the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time, nine years after participating for the first time. The winning entrant Sandy Shaw performed her song, Puppet on a String, barefoot.

About the winner

The winning song Puppet On A String won with the largest margin ever witnessed in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest at that time. The song gathered more than twice as many votes as the runner-up, Ireland. But not only the juries were charmed by Sandie Shaw's song, it became a huge success all over Europe and is nowadays remembered as a Eurovision Song Contest classic.