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R/O Sort descending Half Country Participant Song Points Rank
1 1st half Finland Finland The Rasmusqualified Jezebel 162 7th
2 1st half Israel Israel Michael Ben David I.M 61 13th
3 1st half Serbia Serbia Konstraktaqualified In Corpore Sano 237 3rd
4 1st half Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Nadir Rustamliqualified Fade To Black 96 10th
5 1st half Georgia Georgia Circus Mircus Lock Me In 22 18th
6 1st half Malta Malta Emma Muscat I Am What I Am 47 16th
7 1st half San Marino San Marino Achille Lauro Stripper 50 14th
8 1st half Australia Australia Sheldon Rileyqualified Not The Same 243 2nd
9 1st half Cyprus Cyprus Andromache Ela 63 12th
10 2nd half Ireland Ireland Brooke That's Rich 47 15th
11 2nd half North Macedonia North Macedonia Andrea Circles 76 11th
12 2nd half Estonia Estonia Stefanqualified Hope 209 5th
13 2nd half Romania Romania WRSqualified Llámame 118 9th
14 2nd half Poland Poland Ochmanqualified River 198 6th
15 2nd half Montenegro Montenegro Vladana Breathe 33 17th
16 2nd half Belgium Belgium Jérémie Makiesequalified Miss You 151 8th
17 2nd half Sweden Sweden Cornelia Jakobsqualified Hold Me Closer 396 1st
18 2nd half Czechia Czechia We Are Domiqualified Lights Off 227 4th