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Jürgen Marcus Chansons Pour Ceux Qui S'aiment
17 points 14th
Peter, Sue and Marc Djambo, Djambo
91 points 4th
Chocolate, Menta, Mastik Emor Shalom
77 points 6th
Pierre Rapsat Judy Et Cie.
68 points 8th
Anne-Karine Ström Mata Hari
7 points 18th
Waterloo and Robinson My Little World
80 points 5th
Ambasadori Ne Mogu Skriti Svoju Bol
10 points 17th
Mariza Koch Panaghia Mou, Panaghia Mou
20 points 13th
Fredi and The Friends Pump-pump
44 points 11th
Brotherhood of Man Brotherhood of Man Save Your Kisses For Me
164 points 1st
Les Humphries Singers Sing, Sang, Song
12 points 15th
Braulio Sobran Las Palabras
11 points 16th
Sandra Reemer The Party's Over Now
56 points 9th
Mary Christy Toi, La Musique Et Moi
93 points 3rd
Carlos do Carmo Uma Flor De Verde Pinho
24 points 12th
Catherine Ferry Un, Deux, Trois
147 points 2nd
Romina and Al Bano We'll Live It All Again
69 points 7th
Red Hurley When
54 points 10th