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The Hague 1976

R/O Sort descending Half Country Participant Song Points Rank
1 β€” United Kingdom United Kingdom Brotherhood of Man  Save Your Kisses For Me 164 1st
2 β€” Switzerland Switzerland Peter, Sue and Marc Djambo, Djambo 91 4th
3 β€” Germany Germany Les Humphries Singers Sing, Sang, Song 12 15th
4 β€” Israel Israel Chocolate, Menta, Mastik Emor Shalom 77 6th
5 β€” Luxembourg Luxembourg JΓΌrgen Marcus Chansons Pour Ceux Qui S'aiment 17 14th
6 β€” Belgium Belgium Pierre Rapsat Judy Et Cie. 68 8th
7 β€” Ireland Ireland Red Hurley When 54 10th
8 β€” Netherlands Netherlands Sandra Reemer The Party's Over Now 56 9th
9 β€” Norway Norway Anne-Karine StrΓΆm Mata Hari 7 18th
10 β€” Greece Greece Mariza Koch Panaghia Mou, Panaghia Mou 20 13th
11 β€” Finland Finland Fredi and The Friends Pump-pump 44 11th
12 β€” Spain Spain Braulio Sobran Las Palabras 11 16th
13 β€” Italy Italy Romina and Al Bano We'll Live It All Again 69 7th
14 β€” Austria Austria Waterloo and Robinson My Little World 80 5th
15 β€” Portugal Portugal Carlos do Carmo Uma Flor De Verde Pinho 24 12th
16 β€” Monaco Monaco Mary Christy Toi, La Musique Et Moi 93 3rd
17 β€” France France Catherine Ferry Un, Deux, Trois 147 2nd
18 β€” Yugoslavia Yugoslavia Ambasadori Ne Mogu Skriti Svoju Bol 10 17th