Tel Aviv 2019
Duncan Laurence wins the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest for the Netherlands.

Tel Aviv 2019

Sarah McTernan 22
16 points 18th
Duncan Laurence Arcade
280 points 1st
Michela Chameleon
157 points 8th
Jonida Maliqi Ktheju tokës
96 points 9th
PÆNDA Limits
21 points 17th
Leonora Love Is Forever
94 points 10th
Ester Peony On a Sunday
71 points 13th
Tamara Todevska Proud
239 points 2nd
Jurij Veklenko Run With The Lions
93 points 11th
Sergey Lazarev Scream
217 points 6th
Luca Hänni She Got Me
232 points 4th
KEiiNO Spirit in the Sky
210 points 7th
Anna Odobescu Stay
85 points 12th
Carousel That Night
50 points 15th
Roko The Dream
64 points 14th
John Lundvik Too Late For Love
238 points 3rd
Chingiz Truth
224 points 5th
Srbuk Walking Out
49 points 16th