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Duncan Laurence Duncan Laurence Arcade
498 points 1st
Mahmood Mahmood Soldi
472 points 2nd
Sergey Lazarev Sergey Lazarev Scream
370 points 3rd
Luca Hänni Luca Hänni She Got Me
364 points 4th
John Lundvik John Lundvik Too Late For Love
334 points 5th
KEiiNO KEiiNO Spirit in the Sky
331 points 6th
Tamara Todevska Tamara Todevska Proud
305 points 7th
Chingiz Chingiz Truth
302 points 8th
Kate Miller-Heidke Kate Miller-Heidke Zero Gravity
284 points 9th
Hatari Hatari Hatrið mun sigra
232 points 10th
Lake Malawi Lake Malawi Friend of a Friend
157 points 11th
Leonora Leonora Love Is Forever
120 points 12th
Tamta Tamta Replay
109 points 13th
Michela Michela Chameleon
107 points 14th
Bilal Hassani Bilal Hassani Roi
105 points 16th
Jonida Maliqi Jonida Maliqi Ktheju tokës
90 points 17th
Nevena Božović Nevena Božović Kruna
89 points 18th
Serhat Serhat Say Na Na Na
77 points 19th
Victor Crone Victor Crone Storm
76 points 20th
Katerine Duska Katerine Duska Better Love
74 points 21st
Miki Miki La Venda
54 points 22nd
Kobi Marimi Kobi Marimi Home
35 points 23rd
31 points 24th
S!sters S!sters Sister
24 points 25th
Michael Rice Michael Rice Bigger Than Us
11 points 26th