Marie N Marie N I Wanna
176 points 1st
Ira Losco 7th Wonder
164 points 2nd
Jessica Garlick Come Back
111 points 3rd
Sahléne Runaway
111 points 3rd
Sandrine François Il Faut Du Temps
104 points 5th
One Gimme
85 points 6th
Rosa Europe's Living A Celebration
81 points 7th
Afro-dite Never Let It Go
72 points 8th
Monica Anghel & Marcel Pavel Tell Me Why
71 points 9th
Prime minister Northern Girl
55 points 10th
Vesna Pisarovic Everything I Want
44 points 11th
Sarit Hadad Light A Candle
37 points 12th
Sestre Samo Ljubezen
33 points 13th
Maja Na Jastuku Za Dvoje
33 points 13th
Sergio & the Ladies Sister
33 points 13th
Buket Bengisu & Saphire Leylaklar Soldu Kalbinde
29 points 16th
Michalis Rakintzis S.A.G.A.P.O.
27 points 17th
Manuel Ortega Say A Word
26 points 18th
Karolina Od Nas Zavisi
25 points 19th
Laura Addicted To You
24 points 20th
Corinna May I Can't Live Without Music
17 points 21st
Francine Jordi Dans Le Jardin De Mon Âme
15 points 22nd
Aivaras Happy You
12 points 23rd
Malene Tell Me Who You Are
7 points 24th