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One Gimme
85 points 6th
Jessica Garlick Come Back
111 points 3rd
Manuel Ortega Say A Word
26 points 18th
Michalis Rakintzis S.A.G.A.P.O.
27 points 17th
Rosa Europe's Living A Celebration
81 points 7th
Vesna Pisarovic Everything I Want
44 points 11th
Prime minister Northern Girl
55 points 10th
Sahléne Runaway
111 points 3rd
Karolina Od Nas Zavisi
25 points 19th
Sarit Hadad Light A Candle
37 points 12th
Francine Jordi Dans Le Jardin De Mon Âme
15 points 22nd
Afro-dite Never Let It Go
72 points 8th
Laura Addicted To You
24 points 20th
Malene Tell Me Who You Are
7 points 24th
Maja Na Jastuku Za Dvoje
33 points 13th
Sergio & the Ladies Sister
33 points 13th
Sandrine François Il Faut Du Temps
104 points 5th
Corinna May I Can't Live Without Music
17 points 21st
Buket Bengisu & Saphire Leylaklar Soldu Kalbinde
29 points 16th
Ira Losco 7th Wonder
164 points 2nd
Monica Anghel & Marcel Pavel Tell Me Why
71 points 9th
Sestre Samo Ljubezen
33 points 13th
Marie N Marie N I Wanna
176 points 1st
Aivaras Happy You
12 points 23rd