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R/O Sort descending Half Country Participant Song Points Rank
1 Latvia Latvia Justsqualified Heartbeat 132 8th
2 Poland Poland Michał Szpakqualified Color Of Your Life 151 6th
3 Switzerland Switzerland Rykka The Last Of Our Kind 28 18th
4 Israel Israel Hovi Starqualified Made Of Stars 147 7th
5 Belarus Belarus IVAN Help You Fly 84 12th
6 Serbia Serbia Sanja Vučić ZAAqualified Goodbye (Shelter) 105 10th
7 Ireland Ireland Nicky Byrne Sunlight 46 15th
8 North Macedonia North Macedonia Kaliopi Dona 88 11th
9 Lithuania Lithuania Donny Montellqualified I've Been Waiting for This Night 222 4th
10 Australia Australia Dami Imqualified Sound Of Silence 330 1st
11 Slovenia Slovenia ManuElla Blue And Red 57 14th
12 Bulgaria Bulgaria Poli Genovaqualified If Love Was A Crime 220 5th
13 Denmark Denmark Lighthouse X Soldiers Of Love 34 17th
14 Ukraine Ukraine Jamalaqualified 1944 287 2nd
15 Norway Norway Agnete Icebreaker 63 13th
16 Georgia Georgia Nika Kocharov and Young Georgian Lolitazqualified Midnight Gold 123 9th
17 Albania Albania Eneda Tarifa Fairytale 45 16th
18 Belgium Belgium Laura Tesoroqualified What's The Pressure 274 3rd