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Ping Pong Sa'me'akh
7 points 22nd
Linda Wagenmakers No Goodbyes
40 points 13th
Nicki French Don't Play That Song Again
28 points 16th
Ines Once In A Lifetime
98 points 4th
Sofia Mestari On Aura Le Ciel
5 points 23rd
Taxi The Moon
25 points 17th
Claudette Pace Desire
73 points 8th
Charmed My Heart Goes Boom
57 points 11th
Alsou Solo
155 points 2nd
Nathalie Sorce Envie De Vivre
2 points 24th
Voice Nomiza
8 points 21st
Serafín Zubiri Colgado De Un Sueño
18 points 18th
Olsen brothers Olsen brothers Fly On The Wings Of Love
195 points 1st
Stefan Raab Wadde Hadde Dudde Da
96 points 5th
Jane Bogaert La Vita Cos'è?
14 points 20th
Goran Karan Kada Zaspu Andeli
70 points 9th
Roger Pontare When Spirits Are Calling My Name
88 points 7th
XXL 100\% Te Ljubam
29 points 15th
Nina Åström A Little Bit
18 points 18th
BrainStorm My Star
136 points 3rd
Pinar Ayhan & S.O.S. band Yorgunum Anla
59 points 10th
Eamonn Toal Millennium Of Love
92 points 6th
The rounder girls All To You
34 points 14th