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Stockholm 1975

R/O Half Sort descending Country Participant Song Points Rank
9 United Kingdom United Kingdom The Shadows Let Me Be The One 138 2nd
19 Italy Italy Wess and Dori Ghezzi Era 115 3rd
8 Yugoslavia Yugoslavia Pepel In Kri Dan Ljubezni 22 13th
18 Sweden Sweden Lars Berghagen and the Dolls Jennie, Jennie 72 8th
7 Switzerland Switzerland Simone Drexel Mikado 77 6th
17 Spain Spain Sergio y Estíbaliz Tú Volverás 53 10th
6 Norway Norway Ellen Nikolaysen You Touched My Life With Summer 11 18th
16 Portugal Portugal Duarte Mendes Madrugada 16 16th
5 Luxembourg Luxembourg Géraldine Toi 84 5th
15 Finland Finland Pihasoittajat Old Man Fiddle 74 7th
4 Germany Germany Joy Fleming Ein Lied Kann Eine Brücke Sein 15 17th
14 Monaco Monaco Sophie Une Chanson C'est Une Lettre 22 13th
3 France France Nicole Rieu Et Bonjour à Toi L'artiste 91 4th
13 Türkiye Türkiye Semiha Yanki Seninle Bir Dakika 3 19th
2 Ireland Ireland The Swarbriggs That's What Friends Are For 68 9th
12 Israel Israel Shlomo Artzi At Ve'ani 40 11th
1 Netherlands Netherlands Teach-In  Ding-A-Dong 152 1st
11 Belgium Belgium Ann Christy Gelukkig Zijn 17 15th
10 Malta Malta Renato Singing This Song 32 12th