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The Roop The Roop Discoteque
203 points 4th
Ana Soklič Ana Soklič Amen
44 points 13th
Manizha Manizha Russian Woman
225 points 3rd
Tusse Tusse Voices
142 points 7th
Montaigne Montaigne Technicolour
28 points 14th
Vasil Vasil Here I Stand
23 points 15th
Lesley Roy Lesley Roy MAPS
20 points 16th
Elena Tsagrinou Elena Tsagrinou El Diablo
170 points 6th
TIX TIX Fallen Angel
115 points 10th
Albina Albina Tick-Tock
110 points 11th
Hooverphonic Hooverphonic The Wrong Place
117 points 9th
Eden Alene Eden Alene Set Me Free
192 points 5th
85 points 12th
Efendi Efendi Mata Hari
138 points 8th
Go_A Go_A Shum
267 points 2nd
Destiny Destiny Je Me Casse
325 points 1st