Baby Doll Brazil
1 points 21st
Stefán and Eyfi Nina
26 points 15th
Paul Giordimaina and Georgina Could It Be
106 points 6th
Sofia Vossou I Anixi
36 points 13th
Sandra Simò Canzone Per Te
118 points 5th
Thomas Forstner Venedig Im Regen
Sarah Bray Un Baiser Volé
29 points 14th
Carola Carola Fångad Av En Stormvind
146 points 1st
Amina C'est Le Dernier Qui A Parlé Qui A Raison
146 points 2nd
Kim Jackson Could It Be That I'm In Love
47 points 10th
Dulce Lusitana Paixão
62 points 8th
Anders Frandsen Lige Der Hvor Hjertet Slår
8 points 19th
Just 4 Fun Mrs. Thompson
14 points 17th
Duo Datz Kan
139 points 3rd
Kaija Hullu Yö
6 points 20th
Atlantis 2000 Dieser Traum Darf Niemals Sterben
10 points 18th
Clouseau Geef Het Op
23 points 16th
Sergio Dalma Bailar Pegados
119 points 4th
Samantha Janus A Message To Your Heart
47 points 10th
Elena Patroclou S.o.s.
60 points 9th
Peppino di Capri Comme E' Ddoce 'o Mare
89 points 7th