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Safura Safura Drip Drop
145 points 5th
Daniel Diges Daniel Diges Algo Pequeñito (Something Tiny)
68 points 15th
Didrik Solli-Tangen Didrik Solli-Tangen My Heart Is Yours
35 points 20th
Jon Lilygreen & The Islanders Jon Lilygreen & The Islanders Life Looks Better In Spring
27 points 21st
Vukašin Brajić Vukašin Brajić Thunder And Lightning
51 points 17th
Tom Dice Tom Dice Me And My Guitar
143 points 6th
Milan Stanković Milan Stanković Ovo Je Balkan
72 points 13th
3+2 3+2 Butterflies
18 points 24th
Niamh Kavanagh Niamh Kavanagh It's For You
25 points 23rd
Josh Josh That Sounds Good To Me
10 points 25th
Sofia Nizharadze Sofia Nizharadze Shine
136 points 9th
maNga maNga We Could Be The Same
170 points 2nd
Juliana Pasha Juliana Pasha It's All About You
62 points 16th
Hera Björk Hera Björk Je Ne Sais Quoi
41 points 19th
Alyosha Alyosha Sweet People
108 points 10th
Jessy Matador Jessy Matador Allez Ola Olé
82 points 12th
Paula Seling & Ovi Paula Seling & Ovi Playing With Fire
162 points 3rd
Peter Nalitch & Friends Peter Nalitch & Friends Lost And Forgotten
90 points 11th
Eva Rivas Eva Rivas Apricot Stone
141 points 7th
Lena Lena Satellite
246 points 1st
Filipa Azevedo Filipa Azevedo Há Dias Assim
43 points 18th
Harel Skaat Harel Skaat Milim
71 points 14th
Chanée & N'evergreen Chanée & N'evergreen In A Moment Like This
149 points 4th