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R/O Sort descending Half Country Participant Song Points Rank
1 Montenegro Montenegro Andrea Demirovic Just Get Out of My Life 44 11th
2 Czechia Czechia Aven Romale 18th
3 Belgium Belgium Copycat Copycat 1 17th
4 Belarus Belarus Petr Elfimov Eyes That Never Lie 25 13th
5 Sweden Sweden Malena Ernmanqualified La Voix 105 4th
6 Armenia Armenia Inga & Anushqualified Jan Jan 99 5th
7 Andorra Andorra Susanne Georgi La Teva Decisió (Get A Life) 8 15th
8 Switzerland Switzerland Lovebugs The Highest Heights 15 14th
9 Türkiye Türkiye Hadisequalified Düm Tek Tek 172 2nd
10 Israel Israel Noa & Mira Awadqualified There Must Be Another Way 75 7th
11 Bulgaria Bulgaria Krassimir Avramov Illusion 7 16th
12 Iceland Iceland Yohannaqualified Is It True? 174 1st
13 North Macedonia North Macedonia Next Time Neshto Shto Ke Ostane 45 10th
14 Romania Romania Elenaqualified The Balkan Girls 67 9th
15 Finland Finland Waldo's Peoplequalified Lose Control 42 12th
16 Portugal Portugal Flor-de-lisqualified Todas As Ruas Do Amor 70 8th
17 Malta Malta Chiaraqualified What If We 86 6th
18 Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina Reginaqualified Bistra Voda 125 3rd