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Herrey's Herrey's Diggi-loo Diggy-ley
145 points 1st
Linda Martin Linda Martin Terminal '3'
137 points 2nd
Bravo Lady, Lady
106 points 3rd
Hot Eyes Det' Lige Det
101 points 4th
Alice and Battiato I Treni Di Tozeur
70 points 5th
Jacques Zegers Avanti La Vie
70 points 5th
Annick Thoumazeau Autant D'amoureux Que D'étoiles
61 points 8th
Kirka Hengaillaan
46 points 9th
Sophie Carle 100% D'amour
39 points 10th
Maria Guinot Silêncio E Tanta Gente
38 points 11th
Mary Roos Aufrecht Geh'n
34 points 13th
Maribelle Ik Hou Van Jou
34 points 13th
Andy Paul Anna Mari-elena
31 points 15th
Rainy Day Welche Farbe Hat Der Sonnenschein
30 points 16th
Dollie de Luxe Lenge Leve Livet
29 points 17th
Vlado and Isolda Ciao Amore
26 points 18th
Anita Einfach Weg
5 points 19th