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Luxembourg 1984

Luxembourg hosted the contest for the 4th last time after Corinne Hermès' victory the year before.

After having held the contest last in 1973, Luxembourg played the host for the 1984 Eurovision Song Contest. The total number of participants was 19, one country less than in the preceding year as Greece decided not to enter a song. The contest also clashed with Israel's Remembrance Day, so the country wasn't present in Luxembourg either. Ireland returned to the contest though, finishing second. The Irish song was written by former Eurovision winner, Johnny Logan, under his real name Sean Sherrard. The song Terminal 3 was performed by Linda Martin, who later returned to win the Eurovision Song Contest in 1992. 

Sweden strikes gold

Sweden unexpectedly won the contest with the song Diggi-Loo Diggi-Ley performed by three brothers called Herrey's. The Swedish brothers performed first on the night and won over the juries with their catchy tune, energetic dance routine and their golden boots. The song became a hit in many countries, but is still ridiculed today due to its nonsensical title.  The Italian entry I Treni Di Tozeur by Alice and Franco Battiato also became a smash hit in Europe despite the fact that it only came fifth on the night.

Facts and figures

  • The host country, Luxembourg, initially had problems finding a suitable venue. RTL decided to hold the contest in the tiny Théâtre Municipal and as a consequence, only VIPs, press and members of each country's delegation were allowed in.
  • The presenter of the show, Desirée Nosbusch, was only 19 years old when she presented the contest
  • Booing from the audience can be heard after the UK entry had been performed. There are different theories as to why this happened. One explanation is that it was revenge for the actions of some English football fans who had rioted in Luxembourg prior to the contest. Another possible reason was the use of off-stage backing singers which gave the impression that the performers on-stage were miming their vocals.