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Marion Rung Tom Tom Tom
93 points 6th
Nicole and Hugo Baby, Baby
58 points 17th
Fernando Tordo Tourada
80 points 10th
Gitte Junger Tag
85 points 8th
Bendik Singers It's Just A Game
89 points 7th
Marie Un Train Qui Part
85 points 8th
Mocedades Eres Tú
125 points 2nd
Patrick Juvet Je Me Vais Marier, Marie
79 points 12th
Zdravko Colic Gori Vatra
65 points 15th
Massimo Ranieri Chi Sarà Con Te
74 points 13th
Anne-Marie David Anne-Marie David Tu Te Reconnaîtras
129 points 1st
The Nova and The Dolls You're Summer
94 points 5th
Ben Cramer De Oude Muzikant
69 points 14th
Maxi Do I Dream?
80 points 10th
Cliff Richard Power To All Our Friends
123 points 3rd
Martine Clémenceau Sans Toi
65 points 15th
Ilanit Ey-sham
97 points 4th