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R/O Sort descending Half Country Participant Song Points Rank
1 Ireland Ireland The Swarbriggs Plus Two It's Nice To Be In Love Again 119 3rd
2 Monaco Monaco Michèle Torr Une Petite Française 96 4th
3 Netherlands Netherlands Heddy Lester De Mallemolen 35 12th
4 Austria Austria Schmetterlinge Boom Boom Boomerang 11 17th
5 Norway Norway Anita Skorgan Casanova 18 14th
6 Germany Germany Silver Convention Telegram 55 8th
7 Luxembourg Luxembourg Anne Marie B. Frère Jacques 17 16th
8 Portugal Portugal Os Amigos Portugal No Coração 18 14th
9 United Kingdom United Kingdom Lynsey de Paul and Mike Moran Rock Bottom 121 2nd
10 Greece Greece Pascalis, Marianna, Robert and Bessy Mathema Solfege 92 5th
11 Israel Israel Ilanit Ah-haa-vah Hee Shir Lish-naa-yim 49 11th
12 Switzerland Switzerland Pepe Lienhard Band Swiss Lady 71 6th
13 Sweden Sweden Forbes Beatles 2 18th
14 Spain Spain Micky Enseñame A Cantar 52 9th
15 Italy Italy Mia Martini Liberà 33 13th
16 Finland Finland Monica Aspelund Lapponia 50 10th
17 Belgium Belgium Dream Express A Million In One, Two, Three 69 7th
18 France France Marie Myriam  L'oiseau Et L'enfant 136 1st