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Aisel Aisel X My Heart
94 points 11th
Ari Ólafsson Ari Ólafsson Our Choice
15 points 19th
Eugent Bushpepa Eugent Bushpepa Mall
162 points 8th
Sennek Sennek A Matter Of Time
91 points 12th
Mikolas Josef Mikolas Josef Lie To Me
232 points 3rd
Ieva Zasimauskaitė Ieva Zasimauskaitė When We're Old
119 points 9th
Netta Netta TOY
283 points 1st
65 points 16th
Elina Nechayeva Elina Nechayeva La Forza
201 points 5th
177 points 7th
Eye Cue Eye Cue Lost And Found
24 points 18th
Franka Franka Crazy
63 points 17th
Cesár Sampson Cesár Sampson Nobody But You
231 points 4th
Yianna Terzi Yianna Terzi Oniro Mou
81 points 14th
Saara Aalto Saara Aalto Monsters
108 points 10th
Sevak Khanagyan Sevak Khanagyan Qami
79 points 15th
ZiBBZ ZiBBZ Stones
86 points 13th
Ryan O'Shaughnessy Ryan O'Shaughnessy Together
179 points 6th
Eleni Foureira Eleni Foureira Fuego
262 points 2nd