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Robin Bengtsson Robin Bengtsson I Can't Go On
227 points 3rd
Tamara Gachechiladze Tamara Gachechiladze Keep The Faith
99 points 11th
Isaiah Isaiah Don't Come Easy
160 points 6th
Lindita Lindita World
76 points 14th
Blanche Blanche City Lights
165 points 4th
Slavko Kalezić Slavko Kalezić Space
56 points 16th
Norma John Norma John Blackbird
92 points 12th
Dihaj Dihaj Skeletons
150 points 8th
Salvador Sobral Salvador Sobral Amar Pelos Dois
370 points 1st
Demy Demy This is Love
115 points 10th
Kasia Moś Kasia Moś Flashlight
119 points 9th
Sunstroke Project Sunstroke Project Hey Mamma
291 points 2nd
Svala Svala Paper
60 points 15th
Martina Bárta Martina Bárta My Turn
83 points 13th
Hovig Hovig Gravity
164 points 5th
Artsvik Artsvik Fly With Me
152 points 7th
Omar Naber Omar Naber On My Way
36 points 17th
Triana Park Triana Park Line
21 points 18th