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Global.Kryner Y Así
30 points 21st
Laura and the Lovers Little By Little
17 points 25th
2B Amar
51 points 17th
Zdob si Zdub Boonika Bate Toba
207 points 2nd
Walter & Kazha The War Is Not Over
85 points 10th
Lise Darly Tout De Moi
22 points 24th
Shiri Maymon Hasheket Shenish'ar
158 points 7th
Angelica Agurbash Love Me Tonight
67 points 13th
Glennis Grace Glennis Grace My Impossible Dream
53 points 14th
Selma If I Had Your Love
52 points 16th
Nuno Resende Le Grand Soir
29 points 22nd
Suntribe Let's Get Loud
31 points 20th
Wig Wam In My Dreams
164 points 6th
Luminita Anghel & Sistem Let Me Try
235 points 1st
NOX Forogj Világ
167 points 5th
Geir Rönning Why
50 points 18th
Martin Vucic Make My Day
97 points 9th
Marian van de Wal La Mirada Interior
27 points 23rd
Vanilla Ninja Cool Vibes
114 points 8th
Boris Novkovic feat. Lado members Vukovi Umiru Sami
169 points 4th
Kaffe Lorraine
49 points 19th
Donna and Joseph McCaul Love?
53 points 14th
Omar Naber Stop
69 points 12th
Jakob Sveistrup Talking To You
185 points 3rd
Ivan & Delfin Czarna Dziewczyna
81 points 11th