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Aiste Smilgeviciute Strazdas
13 points 20th
Vanessa Chinitor Like The Wind
38 points 12th
Lydia No Quiero Escuchar
1 points 23rd
Doris Dragovic Marija Magdalena
118 points 4th
Precious Say It Again
38 points 12th
Darja Svajger For A Thousand Years
50 points 11th
Tuba Önal & Grup Mystik Dön Artik
21 points 16th
Stig André Van Eijk Living My Life Without You
35 points 14th
Trine Jepsen & Michael Teschl This Time (i Mean It)
71 points 8th
Nayah Je Veux Donner Ma Voix
14 points 19th
Marlayne One Good Reason
71 points 8th
Mietek (Mieczyslaw) Szczesniak Przytul Mnie Mocno
17 points 18th
Selma Björnsdóttir All Out Of Luck
146 points 2nd
Marlain Angelidou Tha'nai Erotas
2 points 22nd
Charlotte Nilsson Charlotte Nilsson Take Me To Your Heaven
163 points 1st
Rui Bandeira Como Tudo Começou
12 points 21st
The Mullan's When You Need Me
18 points 17th
Bobbie Singer Reflection
65 points 10th
Eden Yom Huledeth
93 points 5th
Times 3 Believe 'n Peace
32 points 15th
Sürpriz Reise Nach Jerusalem - Kudüs'e Seyahat
140 points 3rd
Evelin Samuel and Camille Diamond Of Night
90 points 6th