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Ramón Para Llenarme De Ti
87 points 10th
Tie Break Du Bist
9 points 21st
Knut Anders Sørum High
3 points 24th
Jonatan Cerrada A Chaque Pas
40 points 15th
Julie & Ludwig On Again... Off Again
50 points 12th
Re-union Without You
11 points 20th
Max (Maximilian Mutzke) Can't Wait Until Tonight
93 points 8th
Anjeza Shahini The Image Of You
106 points 7th
Ruslana Ruslana Wild Dances
280 points 1st
Ivan Mikulic You Are The Only One
50 points 12th
Deen In The Disco
91 points 9th
Xandee 1 Life
7 points 22nd
Julia Savicheva Believe Me
67 points 11th
Tose Proeski Life
47 points 14th
Sakis Rouvas Sakis Rouvas Shake It
252 points 3rd
Jónsi Heaven
16 points 19th
Chris Doran If My World Stopped Turning
7 points 22nd
Blue Cafe Love Song
27 points 17th
James Fox Hold On To Our Love
29 points 16th
Lisa Andreas Stronger Every Minute
170 points 5th
Athena For Real
195 points 4th
Sanda Ladosi I Admit
18 points 18th
Lena Philipsson It Hurts
170 points 5th