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After having successfully hosted the first ever Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Final, Istanbul held its breath for the 2004 Final.

Race to the finish

Ten countries qualified from the Semi-Final: Serbia & Montenegro, Ukraine, Greece, Albania, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Malta, Croatia and FYR Macedonia.

Greece sent one of its biggest stars to Istanbul, Sakis Rouvas, who gave an energetic performance of his song Shake It. Similarly Serbia & Montenegro was represented by a singer who was big in the Balkans, Željko Joksimović.

About the winner 

Minutes into the voting it became clear that the winner would come from one of three countries; Ukraine, Greece and Serbia & Montenegro. 

Ukraine's Ruslana won the contest with Wild Dances. She had been on an extensive promotional tour before the contest and became one of Ukraine's best known artists. 

Facts & figures 

  • A DVD of the contest was released for the first time in 2004.
  • The slogan for the 2004 contest was Under The Same Sky
  • During the rehearsals Ruslana broke one of the glass panels of the stage with her whip!