Hayko Anytime You Need
138 points 8th
Alenka Gotar Cvet Z Juga
66 points 15th
Verka Serduchka Verka Serduchka Dancing Lasha Tumbai
235 points 2nd
Natalia Barbu Fight
109 points 10th
Scooch Flying The Flag (for You)
19 points 22nd
Roger Cicero Frauen Regieren Die Welt
49 points 19th
NASH I Love You Mi Vida
43 points 20th
Les Fatals Picards L'amour à La Française
19 points 22nd
Hanna Pakarinen Leave Me Alone
53 points 17th
Todomondo Liubi, Liubi, I Love You
84 points 13th
4Fun Love Or Leave
28 points 21st
Karolina Mojot Svet
73 points 14th
Marija Šerifović Marija Šerifović Molitva
268 points 1st
Bonaparti.lv Questa Notte
54 points 16th
Marija Sestic Rijeka Bez Imena
106 points 11th
Kenan Dogulu Shake It Up Shekerim
163 points 4th
Serebro Song # 1
207 points 3rd
The Ark The Worrying Kind
51 points 18th
Dervish They Can't Stop The Spring
5 points 24th
Magdi Rúzsa Unsubstantial Blues
128 points 9th
Sopho Visionary Dream
97 points 12th
Dmitry Koldun Work Your Magic
145 points 6th
Sarbel Yassou Maria
139 points 7th