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Gothenburg 1985

Swedish national broadcaster SVT decided to stage the 1985 Eurovision Song Contest in Gothenburg's Scandinavium, the biggest venue to have hosted the show to date.

The city of Gothenburg was chosen by the Swedish broadcaster to be host city to the 1985 Eurovision Song Contest. This year, the Netherlands chose to withdraw from the contest because it collided with the country's national Remembrance Day. Yugoslavia also decided to stay home because of a national holiday. Israel and Greece returned to the contest so the number of participants was 19 again, just as in the previous year.

The set in Gothenburg's Scandinavium was very modern and bigger than any venue before. Parts of the set would later be re-used for the Swedish national final, Melodifestivalen, in 1987.

Victory for Norway

Norway surprised everyone with their victory this year. The entry La Det Swinge by the duo Bobbysocks, won after a close race with the German entry, FΓΌr Alle by the group Wind. Bobbysocks consisted of the singers Elisabeth Andreasson and Hanne Krogh. Elisabeth had already taken part in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1982 for Sweden where she was one half of the group Chips. Hanne Krogh had represented Norway already in 1971, but only came 17th with her song Lycken Er

Facts and figures 

  • The contest was hosted by former participant Lill Lindfors who shocked the audience when her skirt appeared to be ripped off before the voting started. The routine was well-rehearsed, and remains one of the most-remembered highlights in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest. 
  • Lys Assia, the first ever winner of the Eurovision Song Contest was in the audience in Gothenburg.