Helen and Joseph L-imhabba
48 points 18th
Serge and Christine Ghisoland À La Folie Ou Pas Du Tout
55 points 17th
Anne-Marie Godart and Peter MacLane Comme On S'aime
65 points 16th
Sandie Jones Ceol On Ghrá
72 points 15th
Family Four Härliga Sommardag
75 points 13th
Päivi Paunu and Kim Floor Muistathan
78 points 12th
Betty Mars Comé-comédie
81 points 11th
Jaime Morey Amanece
83 points 10th
Tereza Muzika I Ti
87 points 9th
Véronique Müller C'est La Chanson De Mon Amour
88 points 8th
Carlos Mendes A Festa Da Vida
90 points 7th
Nicola di Bari I Giorni Dell' Arcobaleno
92 points 6th
The Milestones Falter Im Wind
100 points 5th
Sandra and Andres Als Het Om De Liefde Gaat
106 points 4th
Mary Roos Nur Die Liebe Läßt Uns Leben
107 points 3rd
The New Seekers Beg, Steal Or Borrow
114 points 2nd
Vicky Leandros Vicky Leandros Après Toi
128 points 1st