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Mary Roos Nur Die Liebe Läßt Uns Leben
107 points 3rd
Betty Mars Comé-comédie
81 points 11th
Sandie Jones Ceol On Ghrá
72 points 15th
Jaime Morey Amanece
83 points 10th
The New Seekers Beg, Steal Or Borrow
114 points 2nd
Carlos Mendes A Festa Da Vida
90 points 7th
Véronique Müller C'est La Chanson De Mon Amour
88 points 8th
Helen and Joseph L-imhabba
48 points 18th
Päivi Paunu and Kim Floor Muistathan
78 points 12th
The Milestones Falter Im Wind
100 points 5th
Nicola di Bari I Giorni Dell' Arcobaleno
92 points 6th
Tereza Muzika I Ti
87 points 9th
Family Four Härliga Sommardag
75 points 13th
Anne-Marie Godart and Peter MacLane Comme On S'aime
65 points 16th
Serge and Christine Ghisoland À La Folie Ou Pas Du Tout
55 points 17th
Vicky Leandros Vicky Leandros Après Toi
128 points 1st
Sandra and Andres Als Het Om De Liefde Gaat
106 points 4th