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Dino Merlin Dino Merlin Love In Rewind
109 points 5th
Nadine Beiler Nadine Beiler The Secret Is Love
69 points 7th
3JS 3JS Never Alone
13 points 19th
Witloof Bay Witloof Bay With Love Baby
53 points 11th
TWiiNS TWiiNS I'm Still Alive
48 points 13th
Mika Newton Mika Newton Angel
81 points 6th
Zdob și Zdub Zdob și Zdub So Lucky
54 points 10th
Eric Saade Eric Saade Popular
155 points 1st
Christos Mylordos Christos Mylordos San Aggelos S’Agapisa
16 points 18th
Poli Genova Poli Genova Na Inat
48 points 12th
Vlatko Ilievski Vlatko Ilievski Rusinka
36 points 16th
Dana International Dana International Ding Dong
38 points 15th
Maja Keuc Maja Keuc No One
112 points 3rd
Hotel FM Hotel FM Change
111 points 4th
Getter Jaani Getter Jaani Rockefeller Street
60 points 9th
Anastasiya Vinnikova Anastasiya Vinnikova I Love Belarus
45 points 14th
Musiqq Musiqq Angel In Disguise
25 points 17th
A Friend In London A Friend In London New Tomorrow
135 points 2nd
Jedward Jedward Lipstick
68 points 8th