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Magdalena Tul Magdalena Tul Jestem
18 points 19th
Homens Da Luta Homens Da Luta Luta É Alegria
22 points 18th
Stella Mwangi Stella Mwangi Haba Haba
30 points 17th
Senit Senit Stand By
34 points 16th
Daria Daria Celebrate
41 points 15th
Aurela Gaçe Aurela Gaçe Feel The Passion
47 points 14th
Yüksek Sadakat Yüksek Sadakat Live It Up
47 points 13th
Glen Vella Glen Vella One Life
54 points 11th
Emmy Emmy Boom Boom
54 points 12th
Anna Rossinelli Anna Rossinelli In Love For A While
55 points 10th
Alexej Vorobjov Alexej Vorobjov Get You
64 points 9th
Nina Nina Čaroban
67 points 8th
Kati Wolf Kati Wolf What About My Dreams?
72 points 7th
Eldrine Eldrine One More Day
74 points 6th
Evelina Sašenko Evelina Sašenko C'est Ma Vie
81 points 5th
Sjonni's Friends Sjonni's Friends Coming Home
100 points 4th
Paradise Oskar Paradise Oskar Da Da Dam
103 points 3rd
Ell/Nikki Ell/Nikki Running Scared
122 points 2nd
Loucas Yiorkas feat. Stereo Mike Loucas Yiorkas feat. Stereo Mike Watch My Dance
133 points 1st