The Common Linnets The Common Linnets Calm After The Storm
238 points 2nd
Teo Teo Cheesecake
43 points 16th
Molly Molly Children of the Universe
40 points 17th
Basim Basim Cliche Love Song
74 points 9th
Firelight Firelight Coming Home
32 points 23rd
Ruth Lorenzo Ruth Lorenzo Dancing in the rain
74 points 10th
Sebalter Sebalter Hunter Of Stars
64 points 13th
Elaiza Elaiza Is it right
39 points 18th
Emma Emma La Mia Città
33 points 21st
Valentina Monetta Valentina Monetta Maybe (Forse)
14 points 24th
Paula Seling & OVI Paula Seling & OVI Miracle
72 points 12th
Sergej Ćetković Sergej Ćetković Moj Svijet
37 points 19th
2 points 26th
Donatan & Cleo Donatan & Cleo My Słowianie - We Are Slavic
62 points 14th
Pollapönk Pollapönk No Prejudice
58 points 15th
Aram MP3 Aram MP3 Not Alone
174 points 4th
Conchita Wurst Conchita Wurst Rise Like a Phoenix
290 points 1st
Tinkara Kovač Tinkara Kovač Round and round
9 points 25th
András Kállay-Saunders András Kállay-Saunders Running
143 points 5th
Tolmachevy Sisters Tolmachevy Sisters Shine
89 points 7th
Carl Espen Carl Espen Silent Storm
88 points 8th
Softengine Softengine Something Better
72 points 11th
Dilara Kazimova Dilara Kazimova Start A Fire
33 points 22nd
Mariya Yaremchuk Mariya Yaremchuk Tick - Tock
113 points 6th
Sanna Nielsen Sanna Nielsen Undo
218 points 3rd